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What Components Make Up Glass and Glazing Shop Drawings?

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What Components Make Up Glass & Glazing Shop Drawings?

There are several components that make up glass and glazing shop drawings, including:

    1. Plans and elevations: These drawings show the size, shape, and location of each glass and glazing component on the building.
    2. Section views: These drawings show the cross-section of the glass and glazing system, including the thickness and type of glass, the details of the frame and seals, and the installation method.
    3. Installation details: These drawings show the method of attachment, clearance requirements, and any special considerations, such as structural support or weatherproofing.
    4. Notes and specifications: These provide information about any special requirements or limitations, such as minimum or maximum size, type of glass, or performance requirements.
    5. Schedules: These list the sizes, quantities, and materials of each component.

Together, these components provide a complete set of detailed instructions for the manufacture and installation of the glass and glazing components in a building.

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