United Facade

Project Management

In addition to our core offerings, we provide our valued clients with a comprehensive suite of project management services, ensuring a seamless and successful execution of facade projects. Our project management services encompass:

Facade Installation Coordination: We assist and coordinate the installation of facades at both national and international levels, guaranteeing a smooth process from start to finish.

Adherence to Architectural Guidelines: Our team ensures that all work aligns with the guidelines established by the facultative direction, maintaining architectural integrity.

Manufacturing Oversight: We efficiently manage facade manufacturing through trusted subcontractors, emphasizing quality control.

Geometry Verification: Precise verification and control of facade geometry to meet exact specifications.


Timely Assembly Planning: We meticulously plan assembly schedules, meeting deadlines consistently.

Quality Assurance: Our experts monitor and verify assembly against technical specifications and drawings, ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.

Technical and Economic Evaluation: We conduct technical assessments and economic evaluations, offering certification for your peace of mind.

Supplier Procurement: We handle the procurement of suppliers, lifting equipment, auxiliary tools, and more, streamlining the logistics of your project.

Trial Coordination: We oversee and coordinate facade trials, ensuring they align with project requirements.

Field Test Monitoring: Continuous monitoring and approval of field tests to maintain quality assurance.

Technical Documentation: We provide comprehensive technical documentation throughout the project, including general reports, manuals, manufacturing documentation, installation manuals, and maintenance guides.

Occupational Risk Prevention: We offer technical assistance for occupational risk prevention, prioritizing safety at every stage of the project.

Quality and Environmental Support: Our team provides technical assistance to uphold stringent quality and environmental standards.

At the heart of our project management services is a commitment to excellence. We are your dedicated partners in achieving the successful realization of your facade projects, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards while adhering to your specific requirements.