United Facade

Shop Drawings

Shop drawing services involve the creation of detailed technical drawings and diagrams that represent a building’s exterior facade design. The primary goal of these drawings is to accurately convey design specifications and details to all stakeholders in the construction process, ensuring precision in materials, dimensions, finishes, and installation methods used.

In the construction industry, shop drawings are crucial for aligning the building’s exterior with the architect’s vision and meeting safety and regulatory requirements. Typically generated in the pre-construction phase, they can be updated as the project progresses.

Shop drawings provide essential guidance for all facade components, offering more detail than architectural drawings. They are instrumental for project managers and installers, aiding in renovations and diagnostic studies.

To enhance the aesthetic and cost-effectiveness of the Building Envelope, a thorough facade study is necessary. Shop drawings play a vital role in this, ensuring seamless system integration on-site. Our drafters are experts in shop drawing preparation, with substantial experience in the facade design industry.

At United Facade, our shop drawing services not only secure architectural approvals but also support the completion of profitable, technically sound projects. Our shop drawings faithfully represent the building facade’s shape and structure across all locations.