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Thermal and Condensation Calculations

We specialize in Thermal and Condensation Analysis services, where our team of building science experts focuses on optimizing building envelope systems, encompassing roofs, walls, windows, and doors. Our objective is to identify potential issues related to heat transfer and moisture control within the building envelope and provide effective solutions.

Thermal analysis involves utilizing computer simulations to model heat transfer through various building envelope components under different environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and wind. This analysis helps assess insulation materials, thermal bridging, and potential heat loss or gain.

Condensation Analysis evaluates the risk of moisture accumulation within the building envelope. This modeling includes tracking the behavior of water vapor within the envelope, considering its movement through different materials and conditions leading to condensation. Condensation Analysis pinpoints areas susceptible to moisture damage and suggests preventive measures.

Our Thermal and Condensation Analysis services are indispensable for building owners, architects, and engineers seeking to enhance energy efficiency and durability in their projects. We are proficient in conducting thermal analyses in compliance with EN and US standards, encompassing U-Value calculations and condensation risk assessments, all aimed at facilitating the development process.

Our thermal analysis provides insights into temperature distribution and heat transfer within and between design components and their environment, offering a comprehensive evaluation of a framework’s thermal performance and the overall U-values of the building envelope.