United Facade

Structural Calculations

Facade structural calculation is the rigorous examination of a building’s facade to assess its structural integrity. This process is vital to ensure the facade’s ability to withstand diverse loads and forces, including wind, snow, seismic activity, while adhering to applicable building codes and standards.

This calculation process may also encompass testing and simulation to evaluate the facade’s performance under various conditions. Such assessments could involve wind tunnel testing, thermal performance analysis, and other physical tests. Facade structural calculation services are indispensable components of modern building design and construction, guaranteeing the facade’s strength, durability, safety, and compliance with essential building codes and standards.

Our engineers furnish comprehensive structural calculation reports and documentation that construction teams can utilize to ensure the facade aligns with required specifications. This package includes detailed drawings, specifications, and recommendations for materials and construction techniques.

We provide structural calculations tailored to diverse facade applications, including curtain walls, skylights, spider glass curtain walls, steel structures, cladding systems, rain screens, railings, and more. Designing facades necessitates advanced methodologies, making specialized structural engineers and designers with significant facade experience a critical asset.

Our design approach accommodates International Building Codes, and we are well-versed in major facade standards such as BS, European, American, UBC, IBC, IS, AS, Seismic Analysis, Wind Analysis, among others. Our calculation services offer efficient, precise, and cost-effective solutions for various structural analysis challenges.