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What is Storefront?

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What is Storefront?

A storefront is a type of glazing system that is commonly used on the ground floor of a building to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the interior and create a welcoming entrance. Storefronts consist of large panes of glass that are supported by a frame and installed in a continuous, horizontal plane.

There are several benefits to using a storefront system. First, they provide excellent visibility and natural light, which can improve the appearance and ambiance of the interior space. They can also help to create a sense of openness and connection with the exterior, which can be particularly important for retail spaces.

Storefronts are also relatively easy to install and maintain. They typically use a simple, straightforward framing system that can be easily modified or repaired if necessary. They also typically use standard, off-the-shelf glass sizes, which can help to reduce costs and lead times.

There are also several types of storefront systems available, including stick-framed, unitized, and structural silicone glazed (SSG) systems. Stick-framed storefronts use individual pieces of framing to support the glass, while unitized systems use pre-assembled units that can be quickly installed on site. SSG systems use a structural silicone sealant to hold the glass in place, which can provide improved thermal performance and weather resistance.

Overall, storefronts are a popular and effective choice for ground-floor glazing applications, offering excellent visibility, natural light, and a simple, cost-effective installation process.

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