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Structural Calculations

Facade structural calculation is the rigorous examination of a building’s facade to assess its structural integrity. This process is vital to ensure the facade’s ability to withstand diverse loads and forces, including wind, snow, seismic activity, while adhering to applicable building codes and standards.

This calculation process may also encompass testing and simulation to evaluate the facade’s performance under various conditions. Such assessments could involve wind tunnel testing, thermal performance analysis, and other physical tests. Facade structural calculation services are indispensable components of modern building design and construction, guaranteeing the facade’s strength, durability, safety, and compliance with essential building codes and standards.

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Acoustic Calculations

The acoustic performance of your exterior facade plays a pivotal role in determining the level of noise exposure that residents experience from transportation sources. Optimal acoustic performance can significantly impact construction in terms of cost, dimensions, and project timelines. However, when uncertainties arise in acoustic performance, it often necessitates a more conservative design approach, incorporating safety factors to ensure compliance with noise requirements. This careful approach, while crucial for acoustic control, can lead to increased complexity and costs for your project.

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Thermal and Condensation Calculations

We specialize in Thermal and Condensation Analysis services, where our team of building science experts focuses on optimizing building envelope systems, encompassing roofs, walls, windows, and doors. Our objective is to identify potential issues related to heat transfer and moisture control within the building envelope and provide effective solutions.

Thermal analysis involves utilizing computer simulations to model heat transfer through various building envelope components under different environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and wind. This analysis helps assess insulation materials, thermal bridging, and potential heat loss or gain.

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Glass Calculations

When it comes to glass structures, precision is paramount. Our Glass Calculation Services are designed to meet the demands of modern engineering, ensuring the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of glass installations.

Our team of experts brings specialized knowledge and experience to the table. We understand that the dimensioning and stress calculations for glass structures under varying loads are complex tasks. From designing glass facades to analyzing laminated safety glass, our services cover a wide spectrum of applications in the glass engineering field.

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